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Demiurgiczna i polityczna technē w Platońskim Protagorasie

  1. Ulrich Wollner


Demiurgic and political technē in Plato's Protagoras 


The aim of the paper is to analyse the Great Speech which is part of the dialogue Protagoras, principally the problem of dēmiourgikē technē and politikē technē. The existence of some other technai is researched as well as their relationship, their significance and objective. The questions are investigated: Is the virtue part of human nature or not? Can we find such technē that is able to make people good at deliberation and at capability to master one`s own life as well as other people’s life?

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Lectiones & Acroases Philosophicae

4, 2011, z. 1, Kolokwia platońskie, Protagoras

Strony od 223 do 247

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